Outsourcing Creative Projects Makes the Best Use of Your Limited Resources

Outside agencies can provide an entire experienced communications department at a fraction of the cost.

In this tough economic market, the last thing you want to do is get rid of your communication materials – especially your newsletters, brochures, web sites, etc. Or worse, let them go stale. However, this is the perfect time to strengthen the message contained in them. It sets you apart from your competition and it enhances both customer and employee loyalty.

Constant and consistent communication is essential to weather the hard times. It’s tempting to cut expenses, especially in uncertain economic times. Consider the effect this decision might have on your internal and external communication pieces. Instead of cutting the budget or the staff, why not consider outsourcing the work?

One major benefit of outsourcing your communications material is the money it will save you! For less than the cost of one employee’s salary, outsourcing enables you to hire an entire communications department, including writers, researchers, graphic designers, and project managers. Kreativ leg You only use their services as you need them. You have no overhead. No equipment to maintain. No software updates. No special skills. And what’s more important – you don’t need to invest the time or money into training and supervising your staff.

Another huge savings is in the time outsourcing can save you. Because the creative specialists are professionals at what they do, it takes them much less time to prepare these materials than it would take you. Time you can spend on doing what you do best – running your business. Plus they’ll create a much more professional product in the end.

Additionally, since your communication material is the subcontractor’s priority, you can count on a regularly published piece. This ends the guess work as to when you’ll get to it and increases your professional credibility. But creative services can be a bit of an unknown world when your first starting your search. Below are a few tips to make it easier.

What sort of creative service should you outsource to?

Advertising agencies can be very expensive. Also, their main emphasis tends to be on pure marketing or advertising – not communication or relationship building – which is what retains customers. Public relations agencies tend to have copy writing experience, but are very shot on the graphic design and production end of the spectrum. To truly maximize your budget look for an outsource service that can cover all of the bases. Here’s a tip: the smaller one-person shop that collaborates with other professionals may be the better bargain.

Why? Because you get specialists in their own fields who are used to working with each other as a team, but you don’t get the huge overhead that a large agency has. An agency has to pay worker’s compensation, employee benefits, insurance, and rent. Guess who they pass those expenses onto. That’s right: you. A smaller shop doesn’t have that sort of overhead. Many high-end professional creative service providers even work out of studios in their own homes. This means your mark up will be much less. The added bonus is that customer service tends to be much more important to the one person shop.

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